Groodle Puppies – Breed Traits

Black Groodle Puppy
Gold Groodle Puppy
Gold Groodle Puppy

Defining Characteristics of Groodles

Golden Retriever x Poodle = Combining the best of both Golden Retriever and Poodle make this breed a family favourite for so many Australian families.


The temperament of a Groodle is a good balance between the friendliness of a Golden Retriever and intelligence of a Poodle. They have a similar temperament to that of a Golden Retriever. The breed in general is often described as being happy, with an easy-going nature. They have an eagerness to please and love of learning, making them an easy breed to train. They are obedient, highly intelligent, and devoted to their family. These characteristics see Groodles come highly recommended for first time dog owners.
Groodles are friendly towards children, other dogs, pets, and easy with strangers.
They are highly social dogs, happiest when people are around. Groodles love being a member of the family and they will give years of entertainment, laughs, and love.

“A Groodle’s devotion to you is unmistakable.”


A Groodle is a hybrid cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Groodles come in various sizes ranging from standard (tall) to medium to miniature. Groodles also come in a variety of colours and coat types. Body features of a Groodle include floppy ears, an athletic body, and a high-set tail. Groodles have been lovingly referred to as ‘shaggy teddy-bears’ because of their appearance.

Gold Groodle Puppy


Our Groodles come in three size categories. We specialise in miniature Groodles but occasionally plan litters that will be of standard and medium size.

This is the largest size of Groodle and involves one or more parents being a Standard Poodle. The average weight is 22-30kg. The average height is 50-70cm at the withers (the ridge between front shoulder blades).

This is the medium size Groodle and generally involves a miniature and a standard pairing. The average weight is 15-22kg. The average height is 45cm-52cm at the withers.

This is the mini size Groodle and is our most popular size. It involves a miniature pairing of both mother and father. The miniatures are very well suited to an average Australian suburban backyard or apartment-style living. The average weight is 12-15kgs. The average height is 35-40cm at the withers.


Our puppies generally have consistent fleecy coats that are suitable for homes with asthma or allergy sufferers. The coats of Groodles are low shedding, meaning they discard less hair and skin particles. These particles are the main cause of allergies, so reduced amounts of this in a household make Groodles the perfect dog for allergy sufferers.

“Pet lovers with an allergy can still enjoy being pet parents.”


Sable Groodle Puppy Colour


Gold Groodle Puppy Colour


Red Groodle Puppy Colour


Chocolate Groodle Puppy Colour


Black Groodle Puppy Colour


Silver Groodle Puppy Colour


Cream Groodle Puppy Colour


Cream: Cream Groodles are slightly darker than those that are classified as pure white. The whole coat should be consistent in colour, with sometimes light gold tinting around the ears. The nose pigment is usually black.

Gold: A caramel gold colour that can vary from light to dark. The coat should be even in colour from root to the outer coat. Nose pigment can be black or brown.

Red: Red is one of the rarer Groodle colours. The roots of a red coat should match the tips. The colour may fade as the dog ages. The nose pigment is black.

Chocolate: The chocolate colour is generally a dark, rich colour that is maintained as the dog matures. There is also a lighter chocolate colour that has less intense pigment and fades to a cafe latte shade of chocolate. Nose pigment is liver.

Black: Black should be pure black with no trace of other colours in the coat. Nose pigment is black.

Silver: Silvers are initially born black with the silver colouring developing over 1-3 years. The shade of silver that develops range from pewter (lighter silver) to charcoal (darker silver). Nose pigment is black. This is also considered a rarer colour.

Sable: Sables are characterised by black tips on the face and ears with a lighter shade of brown on the body with no real pattern to the coats. As these dogs mature, the brown will turn a cream colour and remain dark on the points. Nose pigment is black.

GROODLE Coat and Grooming

There are two different coat types that our Groodles may have:

Groodle Puppy Fleece


A fleece coat is characterised by a soft wavy or very loose curl appearance, with a soft and silky feel. A fleece coat is a mix between the tight curls of a poodle and hair coat of a Golden Retriever. A fleece coat is generally low to no shedding.

Groodle Puppy Wool


The wool coat is denser in texture and its appearance should resemble spiralling wool, not too dense or tightly curled. The wool coat is classified as a non-shedding, low allergenic coat. A wool coat rarely sheds.

Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% non-shedding, as all dogs shed at least some hair on occasion.

GROODLE Coat Maintenance

As the coat does not fall out, Groodles require clipping several times a year. You can do this yourself at home, or have it done by a professional groomer. Keeping the goat well groomed will make it more manageable and able to be maintained with a weekly brushing. 

Health & Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of a Groodle is 12-15 years. Health problems related to the Groodle are relatively low. All our breeding dogs are in excellent health and are regularly examined by our veterinary specialists. Crossing two/three different gene pools also creates hybrid vigour, which reduces the likelihood of heredity health conditions arising.

Groodle Dogs – Black and Sable

GROODLE Breed Stabilisation

Over the years we have strived to produce a uniform appearance in our dogs with sound structure, face shape, and coat.
Initially, we simply crossed the Golden Retriever and the Miniature Poodle. The results were that there were many variations in size and temperament. To eliminate some of these undesirable traits of the first cross, we infused the Cavalier King Charles into our Miniature Poodles. This infusion now constitutes a minor percentage of the poodle’s DNA, but has stabilised the breed producing consistency in the progeny and also resulted in a more desirable coat, plus a well-rounded face that is only known in our puppies, and not the long Poodle snout found in others.

Please note that Elwood Groodles reserves the right to use other suitable breeds to stabilise our genetic lines at our discretion.

Choosing Ethically

It is important to source your puppy from an ethical breeder. Elwood Groodles has over 15 years’ breeding experience here in Australia, and maintains extremely high standards of care for our puppies. They are raised in a home environment around children and other animals to ensure they come to you happy, healthy, and socially adjusted.

Cream Groodle Dog


You should not take the responsibility of adopting one of our Groodles lightly, as they will be in your life for the next 12 to 15 years. We only want our puppies to go to the best of homes, and will try our hardest to help you determine whether they would be the right dog for you and your family. If you do choose to adopt one of our Groodle puppies, we hope to have a close relationship with you over the coming years. We love progress reports and being updated with photos as they grow.

We welcome any questions and are always available to give you advice. If for any reason you need to re-home your dog, please contact us and we will be able to assist you in finding an appropriate home.