About Elwood Groodles – Puppy Breeders


Introducing our family

We are a small select Australian NSW Groodle puppy breeder, on a working property located in the beautiful Yass Valley of New South Wales, Australia. Our dogs are much loved family members and are a part of our everyday lives. They love to swim, retrieve and relax in the sun on warm sunny days.

We strive to produce Groodle puppies of very high quality, soundness and excellent temperament. It is our priority to ensure our Groodle puppies are happy, healthy and well adjusted to make beautiful family pets.

“Groodles are a highly recommended breed for first-time dog owners or families with children”

What is a Groodle?

A Groodle is a hybrid cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Groodles come in various sizes, ranging from standard to medium to miniature. Groodles also come in a variety of colours and coat types. The Groodle breed is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite family dogs.

“Groodles are a highly recommended breed for first-time dog owners or families with children”

Elwood Groodle Puppies

Elwood Groodles specialises in Miniature, Medium and Standard Groodle puppies. We produce first-generation puppies from our Golden Retriever mums, and second generation puppies from our Groodle mums, using our Miniature and Standard Poodle sires.

We are and Australian family that has years of breeding experience, including a specialisation in Golden Retrievers. It is our aim to produce Groodle puppies that are high quality in terms of appearance, soundness, and overall temperament – this ensures they are happy, healthy, and make beautiful family pets.

“Banjo is such a wonderful addition to our family, he is by far our favourite child”