Groodle Puppy Pricing & Purchasing Process

Groodle Puppy Cost - Cream Groodle
Groodle Puppy Cost - Cream Groodle 2
Groodle Puppy Cost - Red Groodle

How much will your Elwood Groodle puppy cost?

Please enquire within for prices.

We are available for you to collect your puppy any time during the week by appointment. Unfortunately, we are not available for pickups on Saturday or Sunday, due to family and work commitments.


When it is time to take home your puppy, they will generally be between 8-12 weeks of age and will come:


Your puppy will receive its first C3 vaccination at 6-7 weeks of age. The next C5 vaccination is required at 12 weeks of age. It is very important that you do not take your puppy into public places until the 12-week shot has been administered. Your puppy is at risk of deadly diseases and not fully covered until the booster shot is administered. It is under strict advice that during this period, you keep your puppy in your backyard and away from other dogs whose vaccination history you don’t know.


We register your puppy’s microchip into the NSW Pet Registry database which then identifies your puppy on the national microchip database. You will then be required to complete the transfer of the microchip online.


Your puppy will come wormed with Drontal at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. Worming your puppy is essential to the wellbeing of your dog and can result in a longer life expectancy. A continued worming regime with Drontal once every two weeks until 3 months of age is recommended, and then once every month until 12 months of age. When your dog is 12 months of age, worming is required once every three months.

Vet checked

Your puppy comes fully vet checked. Our wonderful and very experienced vet examines your puppy’s structure, bones, eyes, heart, teeth, ears, and skin. We do not allow puppies that are not 100% healthy to leave us.

Groodle Puppy Security Deposit

Security Deposit

Our puppies are very popular, and we have a high enquiry rate. We keep a waitlist for each upcoming litter. We very seldom have puppies to offer people that are not placed on a waitlist. To secure a puppy or to be placed on a waitlist, we require a deposit of $500 which we request by bank transfer. Once you place a deposit, it is available for you to use on any puppy over a 12-month period. Deposits are not refundable. We try to match people with their colour and gender preference as quickly as possible, but of course cannot guarantee puppy appearance/gender before birth – we can only provide an educated guess.


We allow people the opportunity to come and meet their puppy between 6-7 weeks of age. This means that puppies are up and walking and old enough to socialise. They will have also had their first vaccination, which is an important step in protecting their health. You can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet your puppy once you have placed the security deposit.


We can organise puppy transport for our interstate buyers anywhere in Australia. We use Qantas Freight who are fantastic with scheduling and take great care of our puppies. They also offer highly competitive prices. Our puppies are flown from Canberra Airport. The cost of the flight is the responsibility of the purchaser, but we organise and book all flights for our customers. All you will need to do is collect your puppy from the receiving end.

Final Payment

Once the deposit is received, we do not require final payment until pickup. In instances where puppies require shipping, we require final payment for puppy plus the transport the week of delivery. Once flights are booked (usually 5 workings days before the date of the flight) we will forward you the booking confirmation and request for final payment. The funds will need to be cleared into our account before we will ship the puppy. We understand people are sensitive around payments to an unknown source given there are many internet scams circulating in today’s world. We welcome all questions and can be contacted by phone to ease any concerns you may have.

Groodle Puppy Payment

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