Elwood Groodles Customer Stories

Black Groodle Grown Dog
Cream Groodle Grown Dog

Just wanted to update you on the puppy. George has been a dream so far. He is a very smart little guy and has already learned the commands sit, quiet, get it. He already sits at the door when he needs to go outside. George is more toy motivated than food motivated. Thanks so much for this little guy!

Thanks for the puppy. We have named her Daisy. We have all fallen in love with her. She has given the children someone to be responsible for and they are thoroughly enjoying the responsibility. They follow her around, everywhere she goes. She is very playful and enjoys their company. Thanks again.

Wow what a beautiful addition to our family Poppy makes!! She fits in very well, as if she has been here forever. She is included in all the family outings and everybody loves her. She has her own little personality – she is very cheeky and loves to play games with you. I am so glad that we made the decision to get a puppy from Elwood.

We have had so many people enquire as to where we got our puppy from. We have so gladly passed on your details to those that have enquired. We are extremely happy with our puppy, Max. He is a great companion. It makes the house seem less empty now that the children have all left home.